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Alphaville – Songlines 1989

Published on Tuesday, September 9, 2008 by

9 short films (clips), from various directors (Romeos, Ariana, Summer Rain etc.)

The video for “Middle Of The Riddle” is similar to the film “Balance” which won an Oscar for Best Short Feature. The directors did not use “Middle Of The Riddle” as the soundtrack for “Balance”. “Ariana” was co-directed by Wolfgang Neuhaus (also known as Ricky Echolette), and featured members of the band ‘The Other Ones’ (part of Alphaville’s ‘Nelson Project’) in starring and supporting roles. “Patricia’s Park” was directed by Godfrey Reggio, who had previously made the award-winning movies ‘Koyanisquatsi’ and ‘Powaqqatsi’. ‘Romeos’, directed by Ian Pringle, features Noah Taylor, star of ‘The Year My Voice Broke’ and its sequel ‘Flirting’. ‘Mysteries Of Love’ was directed by Alex Proyas, who later went on to direct the highly-acclaimed ‘The Crow’.

1. For A Million (9.21)
2. Romeos (4.58)
3. Middle Of The Riddle (5.00)
4. heaven or hell (3.38)
5. Ariana (3.49)
6. She Fades Away (5.02)
7. Summer Rain (4.14)
8. Mysteries Of Love (5.02)
9. Patricia’s Park (4.19)
Closing credits: Anyway (2.56)

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