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Dee Jay Television 1984

Published on Wednesday, September 17, 2008 by

Dance music of 1984 – Limahl, Adam Ant, Paul McCartney, Michael Jackson etc.

Duran Duran – Girls On Film
Stars On 45 – Stars Sister
Billy Joel – Uptown Girl
Adam Ant – Strip
Kim Karnes – Invisible Hands
Paul McCartney – Say Say Say
Paul McCartney – Pipes Of Peace
Limahl – Only For Love
Kajagoogoo – Big Apple
Roman Holiday – Motormania
Crosby Still & Nash – War Games
M.McDowel – Hot Shot
Devo – Theme From Dr.Detroit
The Rubinoos – If I Had You Back
B52 – Legal Tender
Lionel Ritchie – All Night Long
Freez – A.E.I.O.U.
Jimmy Cliff – Reggae Night
Michael Jackson – Thriller
Depeche Mode – Love In Itself
Flock Of Seaguls – Fiction Game
Howard Jones – New Song
Firefall – Runaway Love
Yes – Owner Of A Lonely Heart
Chaz Janckel – Without You
Herbie Hancock – Rock It
E.W. & F. – Magnetic
The World – Shoo Shoo Wha
Nick Heywood – On A Sunday

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