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Published on Wednesday, July 9, 2008 by

One of the most bright stars on italo disco world of the 80s – Den Harrow – performed their songs: Charleston, Day By Day, Catch The Fox and many more…

Bad Boy [original video]
Don’t Break My Heart [original video]
Born To Love [Formel Eins]
You Have A Way [Formel Eins]
Catch The Fox [Formel Eins]
Charleston [Festivalbar, 1986]
Tell Me Why [Vota La Voce]
Don’t Break My Heart [Peter’s Pop Show]
Day By Day [Peter’s Pop Show]
Future Brain [Peter’s Pop Show]
Charleston [original video]
Stars Private
Tell Me Why [Formel Eins]
You Have A Way [original video]
Furure Brain [original video]
Don’t Break My Heart [Supercontatto Show]
Born To Love [Festivalbar, 1988]
Future Brain [Festivalbar, 1985]
Catch The Fox [Superclassifica Show]
Mad Desire [original video]
Mad Desire [Consnazo Show]
Don’t Break My Heart [Studio Zeta]
Taste Of Love [RAI]
Bad Boy [Entre Amigos]
Catch The Fox [videomix]
Charleston [Azzurro, 1986]
Holiday Nights [original video]

Born To Love [Vota La Voce, 1988]
Don’t Break My Heart [Leipzig, 1990]
Catch The Fox [Leipzig, 1990]
Mad Desire [Superclassifica Show, 1985]
Tell Me Why [Festivalbar, 1987]
Overpower [live]
DCX – Don’t Break My Heart

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