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Disco Lights [vol.3]

Published on Tuesday, November 10, 2009 by

Laura Branigan – Shatteded Glass [RockAmerica, 1987]
Al Bano & Romina Power – Ci Sara – 2
Art Affairs – Wolkaholic [Axel Breitung Project]
Blue System Feat. C.C.Catch – Sorry Little Sarah [live Spain Verano 1987]
Laura Branigan – Cry Wolf
Canton – Somnambilisimo [Super Sanremo 1984]
DJ’s Project – Birthday Girl [camrip]
F.R.David – This Time I Have To Win [live]
Laura Branigan – Maybe Tonight
Francesco Salvi – Esatto [Azzurro 1989]
Gazebo – I Like Chopin [Vota La Voce 1983]
Laura Branigan – Self Control [rockamerica remix]
Laura Branigan – Moonlight On Water
Matia Bazar – Electroshock [Vota La Voce 1983]
Laura Branigan – Shattered Glass
Pupo – Un Amore Grando [Super Sanremo 1984]
Ricchi E Poveri – Mama Maria [Vota La Voce 1983]
Laura Branigan – The Lucky One
Righeira – Vamos A La Playa [Vota La Voce 1983]
Sabrina Salerno – Gringo [Azzurro 1989]
Laura Branigan – Solitaire
Sabrina Salerno – Power Of Love [Azzurro 1989]
Silicon Dream – Andromeda [clip, 1988]
Thomas Anders and Sandra – The Night Is Still Young [live 2009]

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