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Sandra – Ten On One

Published on Thursday, January 8, 2009 by

This DVD similar to “18 Greatest Hits”, but have a few important add-ons: Sandra telling about her life, Michael, walking at Munich, riding at horse, videoclip of “Hi! Hi! Hi!” has a differrent cut scene after the first refrain than the version on “18 Greatest Hits”, “Everlasting Love” is …

[I’ll never be] Maria Magdalena [intro + video Clip]
Sandra’s course of life
In the Heat of the Night
A stroll through Munich
Little Girl
Introduction of Michael Cretu
Innocent Love
Recording session in the studio: “Don’t cry [The Breakup…]”
Hi! Hi! Hi!
Fan mail and foto session
Horse Arcadius
Midnight Man
Trying on wardrobe in her favourite boutique
Stop for a Minute
Chow Chow Pascha
Everlasting Love [extended version]
End Credits [Maria Magdalena]

Price: €
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