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Middle Of The Road – Best TV Appearances
Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep [Disco, 14.08.1971] Tweedle Dee, Tweedle Dum [Disco, 11.09.1971] Soley, Soley [Disco, 15.01.1972] Sacramento [Disco, 08.04.1972] The Talk Of All the USA [Disco, 24.06.1972] Samson And Deliah [Disco, 24.06.1972] Bottoms Up [Disco, 09.12.1972] Yellow boomerang [Disco, 31.03.1973] Kailakee Kailako [Disco, 22.09.1973] Rockin' Soul [Disco...
Arabesque – Best TV Appearances
Arabesque [with Sandra] and Rouge [2 members of Arabesque after break] Arabesque - Hello Mr Monkey [POP, Germany, 1977] Arabesque - Friday Night [Disco, Germany, 1978] Arabesque - City Cats [POP, Germany, 1979] Arabesque - Marigot Bay [Musikladen, Germany, 1981] Arabesque - Tall Story Teller [Musikladen, Germany, 1982] Arabesque - Take Me Don’t Break Me [Mu...
Musikladen 1972-1984 on 35 DVD
Der Musikladen (German: the music shop) was a West German music television programme that ran from December 13, 1972 to November 29, 1984. Here is the FULL ML seasons on 35 DVDs, full 70s dance pop music era! DVD #1 Musikladen 01 (13.12.1972) Chris Barber's Jazzband - Ice cream Chris Barber's Jazzband - New York Town Blues Chuck Berry - School...
Extratour – 15 dvd
Folge 4 (aus Berlin) Erstsendung am 05.09.1985 in der ARD Boney M - Young, free and single Latin Quarter - New Millionaires Depeche Mode - It's called a Heart Saphir - Shot in the Night Kate Bush - Running up that Hill Far Corporation - Stairway to Heaven Slade - Little Sheila Robert Plant - Little ...
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