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Silent Circle – Best Videos

Published on Wednesday, January 21, 2009 by

Its great eurodisco band, flashes in the 80s with famous hits “Touch In The Night”, “Stop The Rain” etc.
+ Fresh fox concert (Modern Talking style)

Silent Circle – Danger Danger
Silent Circle – Hide Away, Man Is Coming [live at studio]
Silent Circle – Hide Away-2
Silent Circle – Megamix [live at KU]
Silent Circle – Moonlight Affair [live at KU]
Silent Circle – Stop The Rain In The Night [live at KU]
Silent Circle – Stop The Rain In The Night [studio]
Silent Circle – Time For Love [Eurotops]
Silent Circle – Time For Love-2
Silent Circle – Touch In The Night [EuroTops]
Silent Circle – Touch In The Night [live at KU]
Silent Circle – Touch In The Nigt [studio]
C.C.Catch in Odessa – Tv report
C.C.Catch – Silence [original video]
C.C.Catch – Soul Survivor [live]
Dance Nation vs Bolenski Beat-You’re My Heart and First Love [clip]
Fresh Fox – Sexy Lady [clip]
Mark Ashley – Dream Of Great Emotion [camcorder]
Mark Ashley – When I See The Angels Cry [live at studio]
Ronny Krappmann – report
Ronny Krappmann
Systems in Blue – Point Of No Return + interview [live at Guten Morgen studio]
Fresh Fox – Concert [amateur camera]
* Intro
* Queen Of The Night
* Sexy Lady
* Never Say Never
* Fly With Me
* Back For Eternity
* Summers Time
* Give Me Joy
* Tonight
* Megamix Tonight – Sexy Lady

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